Mother’s Day Movies

This Emma Barry post reminded me: last year, I intended to write “Movies with Mom,” so voilà! Queue up these lesser known gems! You may notice a theme.

Adore (2013) Poster  Adore (aka Perfect Mothers) – Remember that “Motherlover” SNL skit? A simple film, Adore centers the women instead, exploring the popular fantasy of the younger man, two women’s sexuality and friendship besides. It’s telling that where American Beauty was lauded, Adore has been scorned, even though the women in this film actually care about the younger men and the men are not underage. No comedy here.
I Could Never Be Your Woman – Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd, witty as ever. I’ve never seen Pfeiffer so innocent on screen.  For all the divorced single mothers out there! The Rebound’s cool Catherine Zeta Jones refreshes after seeing slews of neurotic romcom women. Justin Bartha’s role as sweet Aram Finklestein is a breath of fresh air from aloof romance-novel love interests.  Prime is hilarious and sexy, starring two brilliant actresses and the cute Bryan Greenberg. Rafi and Lisa’s friendship plays just as an important role as the romance, as well as Lisa’s relationship with her son. One of my all-time favorites!
how stella got her groove back  Okay, it’s not lesser known, but if you haven’t seen Angela Bassett shine, then do! Excuse the awful formatting, and happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

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