Self-aggrandizing Journalism

The journalists I respect risk a lot in the hopes of raising awareness of or pressuring oppressive agents, so I’m disappointed at the coverage of Ferguson, which has focused on “looting and rioting” rather than the protesters linking arms to protect storefronts and police or that several incidents, like the broken windows at a nearby McDonalds, are the result of adults fleeing tear gas, sometimes with kids in tow. That is beside the journalists exploiting protests for face time and career advancement, abusing locals, and trampling memorials for Michael Brown. This comment from journalist Matty Giles says it all:

As another media member who was down there videoing and taking photographs – my photos of members of the community doing anything other than rioting were not accepted by the networks. When I took pictures of men standing shoulder to shoulder protecting stores that had been broken into, no one cared. When I got video of Antonio French pleading with a young man who wanted to fight the cops, and managed to talk him down and calm him down – no one is interested in that story. The networks want sexy photos of police with guns raised and people fighting each other.

I left on Monday. The story of how police treat that community, and how they have subsequently treated people thereafter is one that should be told, but no one is listening to that story.

After seeing ISIL exploit the genuine sacrifice of the Syrian people, I know the pain when opportunists rush in. Check out #OperationHelporHush or to fund supplies for protesters. I’m really shocked the police haven’t announced any plans for change at this point -it wouldn’t be hard to pacify the public from a practical standpoint, wave some false promises, and that, too, Syrians know; take some tips from us, Ferguson- but at least Atty. General Holder’s supportive. Keep on, Ferguson.

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