James Gunn Disappoints with Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

At Feminism/geekery, Kate Reynolds says everything we’re thinking, or I, at least, about director James Gunn’s big-screen adaptation of Marvel comic Guardians of the Galaxy.

Interviewed by The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern, Gunn says, “If it was up to me, and I was the first one who’d written the screenplay, I would’ve put two women in the Guardians,” but he later says in the same interview that little has survived of the original script written by Nicole Perlman. So which is true?

Somehow, I think the same Gunn who called Gambit a “Cajun fruit” had a heavy hand in a script wherein the only superheroine is undermined and called a “whore” by one of her alien allies in a “comic” moment -and I heard the audience laugh; particularly in light of the kids present, it was disturbing- and the skills of the deadliest assassin in the galaxy are repeatedly trumped by a raccoon and a thief. Why was Gamora so missish, and finally, why did Peter Quill need to find women expendable for man cred? How does this reconcile with his reverence for his mother? All of this ad-lib sexism seems like distinctly earth-man baggage (see James Gunn).

Not for lack of trying, Guardians is the first Marvel movie I couldn’t enjoy wholeheartedly, and as much as I love Chris Pratt, it will be my last from James Gunn, who can apparently only relate to misunderstood raccoons and (someone’s) masculine ideals like the reinterpreted Peter Quill.

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