Who Wants Empowered Female Protagonists?

It just so happens that complacent people can afford to demand a specific kind of story that will jar them out of their comfort, and those of us who are discomfited would like to see our intensely conflict-driven lives playing out on the printed pages because it tells us that we are not alone.

Jaymee Goh on representing marginalized characters in steampunk, Silver Goggles

Goh’s post today at Silver Goggles rang a bell with me as I was reflecting on my last blog on kickass female characters. I wondered while I was writing if I wouldn’t find more women protesting for complicated, “weak” characters for whom sexism was less immediate, less relevant, less doubled-down than it is for less privileged women. Or are all the protests just internalized sexism reinforcing the status quo? Or is it like this comic, relevant to those for whom it’s new? Maybe we should stop talking about waves and start recognizing every generation needs feminism.


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