Rebellion: Speed Sisters, Qahera, and Day One

Speed Sisters. The Middle East’s first all-women motor racing team defies expectations of all kinds in Palestine. 2015 seems so far away! I hate to even call it a documentary because it seems so far from sedate and monotonous. Learn more at

Day One. I need a tag for revenge fantasies. At Arabic Literature (in English), Raphael Cormack reviews Sara Shaarawi’s Day One. Inspired by sexual harassment, described as the Egyptian “Everyday Sexism,” Day One catalogues playwright-performer Shaarawi’s experiences of harassment and her resilience, her defiance, through the character of a niqabi superheroine meting justice.

“Men never realise when they are being followed. They don’t expect it. They don’t have a sixth sense like women.”

Qahera. Shaarawi’s not the first to wrest back niqab from the Western media’s appropriation. As Cormack points out, Shaarawi may have been inspired by comics like Ninjabi, perhaps the originator of the meme, The Burqa Avenger or Qahera, the latter a webcomic’s reaction to objectification from within and without her community, an unfortunate struggle familiar to many Muslims- and Black women, Latina women, and women from many ethnicities (Islamophobia’s racialized). I love her strip on sexual harassment, but “On Protests” is equally uplifting.


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